I’m a 21 year old female college student who just finished her junior year at a medium-sized college near the city of Rochester, NY.  I am a double major in I AM NEVER GOING TO GET A JOB (aka Creative Writing) and HI, I LIVE IN A CARDBOARD BOX (Political Science) with a minor in THIS QUALIFIES ME TO DO NOTHING (Women’s Studies).  I want to be a writer, a political activist, a mom, and a world traveler.  To pay the bills, though, I plan on becoming a college professor.  The plan is currently to get an MFA, a PhD with a creative thesis, and then teach undergraduate English/Creative Writing courses at a small public university in some liberal hideaway with a good library system, a decent NPR station, and good schools for the fifteen hundred kids I plan to have.

Other things about me:

I’m a lesbian.  I identify very strongly with the Danish part of my family (my dad’s whole family, and my mom’s father’s side) and would love to live in Denmark at some point in the future.  I was raised Presbyterian by hardly religious parents and wanted to be a minister when I was about twelve.  I am now very comfortably spiritually agnostic, and no, my soul doesn’t need to be saved.  I’m a cultural feminist with a little bit of both radical and Black feminist thought thrown in for good measure, a very liberal small-d-democrat who believes very strongly in social democracy, and a supporter of Hillary Clinton, although I’m feeling very alone with that right now.

I currently live alone, but grew up with an older brother who is two and half years older than me and a graphic design student.  I always had dogs growing up, and my 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier still lives with my parents and I miss having him around all the time.  My parents are still together after thirty years (twenty-five of which they’ve been married) and sometimes make me simultaneously nauseous and ecstatic with their relationship.  My other “family” includes various relatives that are a bit crazy and show up from time to time and amazing friends both at home and at college.  You can learn more about these people here, at the cast of characters (still under construction).

Most other things you can probably figure out about me from reading this a bit, or you can feel free to ask.  I’ll answer most questions, as long as it’s not “What’s your real name?” (until I get to know you a bit) or “How can I find you so that I can stalk you?”


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