Conversations With My Brother.

The Bro and I have just had a conversation about how one of my friends is helping to finance her education by selling sex toys. I take out my cell phone and start typing a text message when he says . . .

Bro: Which one of your dildo-selling friends are you texting now?

Me: None of your business.

Bro: Are you selling them, too?

Me: No, but I should. I’d make really good money.

Bro: Not really. The law of supply and demand would come up eventually. The more dildo saleswomen there are, the less demand there is going to be, and you’ll make less money. [slightly sarcastic] It’s the invisible hand of the market.

Me: The invisible hand?

Bro: Well. The invisible fist if you will.

Me: The fist?

Bro: Does the invisible butt plug of the market work better for you?


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First Post.

I’m actually home sick with pneumonia (I know, who the fuck gets pneumonia in fucking May?) and figured that while I’m feeling too sick to do anything except lie on the couch and occasionally change the channel on my parents’ TV, this might be a good time to start this blog that I’ve been thinking about starting for a while.

I’m normally a livejournal user, but sometimes . . . well, sometimes it’s not enough.  I use that site mostly for keeping in touch with my friends, and so I lock it, and I get super personal.  While I don’t plan on censoring myself here, I also plan on staying somewhat anonymous, and allowing myself to post publicly and become part of this blogging community I admire so much.

I don’t expect to become the next dooce and be able to quit my day job to write full time (if only . . .), but my realistic expectations are more along the lines of making new friends, forcing myself to write and share it in a more open forum, and basically just getting some things off my chest, since blogging is cheaper than therapy.

With that, I guess I’ll close this first post for now and go back to watching Pay Per View, since I don’t get cable at my apartment and ordering movies on their bill is one of the only chances I have left to mooch.

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